FAQ commerciale

How does HydroFLOW work?

What is the lifespan of a HydroFLOW System?

Does your system work on Plastic Pipes?

Distinguishing Electro-Magnetic from HydroFLOW Technology

Is Hard Water dangerous to drink?

How can I verify the functionality of my unit?

Should I disconnect my current salt or chemical water softener?

How can I determine if I reside in a hard water region? Is limescale possible in areas with soft water?

How can I observe the effectiveness of the system?

Can HydroFLOW Technologies both descale and prevent scale?

Does Hydropath technology alter the chemical composition of water?

Does the HydroFLOW signal impact sensitive electrical equipment?

Is an electric power supply required?

What happens to the dissolved scale?

Does HydroFLOW Technology function effectively on both plastic and metal pipes?

What are the operational costs associated with running a residential unit?

Do HydroFLOW units require any special maintenance?

What is the maximum water hardness that HydroFLOW units can handle?

After installing the unit, is the water just as drinkable as before?

How can I tell if I have hard water?

What is the difference between the Pearl and the Pearl PLUS?

What is limescale?

Why does limescale occur?

Is limescale harmful to one’s health?

Why is limescale problematic?

How does the HydroFLOW Technology protect against limescale?

How does the HydroFLOW Technology eliminate limescale from the water?

Is the HydroFLOW Pearl suitable for pipes larger than 38mm in outer diameter?

Will it solve issues with iron in the water, for which I was considering using reverse osmosis.

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Traite-t-il l'eau stagnante ?

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