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'Smoother' water

HydroFLOW Pearl Plus was very easy to install.
Before Pearl Plus, the TDS reading from my kitchen cold water tap was 179 ppm. The next day the reading was 173 ppm. Two days after that it was 166 ppm. 5 weeks later the reading is 166 ppm.
I believe that the water tastes 'smoother'. My laundry also seems to be cleaner.
I am pleased with the Pearl Plus.
The staff at the Burlington office were very professional and helpful !

We like the shower filter. We have good water but it's chlorinated and it dried out our skin so bad plus we didn't like the feeling of getting so much chlorine into ourselves thru our skin, so we decided to try a filter! So far so good. It filters out the chlorine well!

Great device!

I am putting this unit into my rentals. To test it out, I installed it at home, and to my surprise once every 20 flushes, the tank requires a quick 5 second fill. I have replace the tank insides and the Guard Dog does not detect any issues. Moving it to the the rentals now. GREAT DEVICE!!


I cleaned away all the lime from all water outlets. Installed the HydroFlow, and waited. The next day I washed my hair and it was not fuzzy like before. Washed my linens and they were not stiff! My life is good again! I recommend this 100% - forget the salt bags! Thank you!

15 stage shower filter - Works well

After installation I noticed a positive changes in my skin. Not as dry as it used to be.

Easy to install

Eady to install and after 3 weeks, we already see an improvment. Our normally very hard water is softer.

Asking me for a comment. I gave you a rating of 5 stars.

seems good

i bought units for my house that are working great
the system i got for my pool, in all honesty, i cannot tell
have no real way of knowing yet
i assume its also working

Surge Protector Adapter
Brian Derby (Saskatchewan, Canada)

It is seems to work

Too early to tell

I have very hard water, and a system that has never seen soft water. I might not see complete descaling for a while if ever.
However, build up of minerals in our kettle seeds to be less and slower, chrome bath taps seem cleaner.
Stay tuned!


I researched this product in order to replace my water softener system. So tired of hauling bags of salt into the house after so many years. After
40 days I have noticed a big difference in the water hardness in the house. Nothing short of amazing. I wish I had this piece of tech installed in my home years ago. Thanks HydroFLOW!!


I don't usually write reviews but Hydroflow deserves one.

The first one arrived with a problem. Because of a move and travel, we were not able to install for more than 30 days after receipt. An email to Mike and a replacement was on its way. Installed and working with no problems.

I used Hydroflow in a previous house; absolutely love it. And love not carrying heavy bags of salt.

Happy to never buy salt again

Purchased two units and I was a little sceptical, but have been surprised on how good they work. No stains on sink bright work and rings around the toilet bowl.
One unexpected benefit is better water pressure and flow with the old salt softener removed.
Very easy to install and so far no problems.

HydroFLOW® Pearl for Small Homes/RVs/Cottages up to 1500 sqft
Margaret Henry (British Columbia, Canada)

I would recommend this


I must say for anyone wanting to make a difference in your hard water we have been using this Hydroflow S38 for the house and it’s working no bull

Unit for 3000 sq foot house

Seems to be working as it should. We notice that we no longer have a white residue film on pots or on furniture from our portable humidifier. So we are happy thus far. Haven’t any other markers to say much more about it.

HydroFLOW HS38 System for Small Homes/RVs Residential Water Heaters on City Water

HydroFLOW HS38 System for Small Homes/RVs Residential Water Heaters on City Water

So far so good

Installed the unit at my cottage about 30 days ago and seems to have made an improvement already on our very hard well water. I’m hopeful that it continues to get better after about 90 days.
Very easy and quick to install.

HS38 Works Great

After using the HS38 for about a month, I am quite happy with the results. My tea kettle does not need to be cleaned with vinegar nearly as often, and a quick brushing mostly cleans up the small amount of scale that does form.

Vous en donne pour votre argent et plus

Nous sommes passé du sel à Hydro-Flow et franchement, c'est économique considérant les hausses du prix du sel, extrêmement moins encombrant que l'attirail du sel et enfin fini la pollution par les lavages à rebours de la machine à sel.

Vraiment content d'avoir opté pour Hydro Flow

HS38 System for Small Homes

Will update review in few months with results

HydroFLOW® Pearl for Small Homes/RVs/Cottages up to 1500 sqft
Manjit Benoit (British Columbia, Canada)

Works great!!
No more white residue. Taps are cleaner. Easier to clean sinks. Cleaning less often. No more limescale.
I love the product.
Every household should have one.

Thank you

Hydro Flow

Doing this again….. it’s been 40 days approximately. We had to remove deposit in the shower facet, since then it is working very well and I think this is making a difference. I also noticed that my hair and skin are better, softer, might be a better quality water. I am still using a Brita to filter my water that goes in both my coffee machines, dont know if I should stop and take it directly from the facet. I should try and see if I need to descale less or more. Overall, I think it makes a difference and we are very happy with the product. Thank you.

Hard water no more

I am very satisfied with Hydroflow, no more white powder residue in the dishwasher, glasses come out sparkling.
Very very happy