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I would recommend this


I must say for anyone wanting to make a difference in your hard water we have been using this Hydroflow S38 for the house and it’s working no bull

HydroFLOW S38 Water Softener/Conditioner for Small Homes on Well Water
Christopher Schmidt (British Columbia, Canada)
Unit for 3000 sq foot house

Seems to be working as it should. We notice that we no longer have a white residue film on pots or on furniture from our portable humidifier. So we are happy thus far. Haven’t any other markers to say much more about it.

Replacement for Softener?

I bought this in hopes of not having to get a water softener, due to the use of salt. Our water is too hard for the salt-less softeners. I use glasses from the dish washer as my desired comparative result, hoping for sparkling clear glasses in the end. We use Finish Rinse in the dish washer.
Our well water is quite hard (326 mg/L) and left lots of white speckles on the glasses.
Gradual improvement of the water. After about 45 days there are far less speckles than previously, I'd say we have about 80% less speckles so far. I am waiting a while longer to see if it gets better. The shower heads no longer appear to have deposits building up on them.

HydroFLOW HS38 System for Small Homes/RVs Residential Water Heaters on City Water

HydroFLOW HS38 System for Small Homes/RVs Residential Water Heaters on City Water

So far so good

Installed the unit at my cottage about 30 days ago and seems to have made an improvement already on our very hard well water. I’m hopeful that it continues to get better after about 90 days.
Very easy and quick to install.

HS38 Works Great

After using the HS38 for about a month, I am quite happy with the results. My tea kettle does not need to be cleaned with vinegar nearly as often, and a quick brushing mostly cleans up the small amount of scale that does form.

Vous en donne pour votre argent et plus

Nous sommes passé du sel à Hydro-Flow et franchement, c'est économique considérant les hausses du prix du sel, extrêmement moins encombrant que l'attirail du sel et enfin fini la pollution par les lavages à rebours de la machine à sel.

Vraiment content d'avoir opté pour Hydro Flow

HS38 System for Small Homes

Will update review in few months with results

Works great!!
No more white residue. Taps are cleaner. Easier to clean sinks. Cleaning less often. No more limescale.
I love the product.
Every household should have one.

Thank you

Horse pool

The water is much clearer and using less chemicals

Hydro Flow

Doing this again….. it’s been 40 days approximately. We had to remove deposit in the shower facet, since then it is working very well and I think this is making a difference. I also noticed that my hair and skin are better, softer, might be a better quality water. I am still using a Brita to filter my water that goes in both my coffee machines, dont know if I should stop and take it directly from the facet. I should try and see if I need to descale less or more. Overall, I think it makes a difference and we are very happy with the product. Thank you.

Hard water no more

I am very satisfied with Hydroflow, no more white powder residue in the dishwasher, glasses come out sparkling.
Very very happy

Quick Response

Thank you for sending me the replacement system so quickly. It is now installed and working! So easy to install. Looking forward to all the benefits this system brings without having to buy salt and the water wasted in the cycles of the water softeners..


Seems to be working. I think it takes more time to see the difference in the dishwasher

It appears to work to a certain degree
Kitchen faucet has plugged up the screen

HydroFLOW HS38 System for Small Homes/RVs Residential Water Heaters on City Water


It appears to be effective in reducing mineral build up but doesn’t ‘soften’ water the way a salt softener works.

Surge Protector Adapter
Gary Schmeisser (Nova Scotia, Canada)
Great Service

Excellent product and great customer service

It Just Works

As above, I installed the HydroFLOW and within days noticed the scale on the taps had vanished. I expect the new hot water tank to be scale-free also for its life.

I don’t understand how you can call this a water softener?

HydroFLOW Response: Softening / Conditioning are used interchangeably in solving water issues as they are different ways to reduce and eliminate Calcium and Magnesium mineral issues (Hardness Causing Agents) also known as limescale issues...our conditioners provide results that are equivalent to naturally soft water by keeping the minerals inert and in suspension (same behavior as naturally soft water which has a low enough level of Calcium and Magnesium that it does not precipitate out of water to cause issues) which is defined as less than 50 parts per million of Calcium or Magnesium.

HydroFLOW S38 Water Softener/Conditioner for Small Homes on Well Water

Hydroflow S38

We installed this unit, and prior to installation we descaled our electric kettle. Over a month later, haven't needed to descale again. Appears to be doing exactly what it promises. Satisfied customer.

HydroFLOW HS40 Water Softener/Conditioner for Large Homes