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Works great!!
No more white residue. Taps are cleaner. Easier to clean sinks. Cleaning less often. No more limescale.
I love the product.
Every household should have one.

Thank you

Horse pool

The water is much clearer and using less chemicals

Hydro Flow

Doing this again….. it’s been 40 days approximately. We had to remove deposit in the shower facet, since then it is working very well and I think this is making a difference. I also noticed that my hair and skin are better, softer, might be a better quality water. I am still using a Brita to filter my water that goes in both my coffee machines, dont know if I should stop and take it directly from the facet. I should try and see if I need to descale less or more. Overall, I think it makes a difference and we are very happy with the product. Thank you.

Hard water no more

I am very satisfied with Hydroflow, no more white powder residue in the dishwasher, glasses come out sparkling.
Very very happy

Quick Response

Thank you for sending me the replacement system so quickly. It is now installed and working! So easy to install. Looking forward to all the benefits this system brings without having to buy salt and the water wasted in the cycles of the water softeners..


Seems to be working. I think it takes more time to see the difference in the dishwasher

It appears to work to a certain degree
Kitchen faucet has plugged up the screen

HydroFLOW HS38 System for Small Homes/RVs Residential Water Heaters on City Water


It appears to be effective in reducing mineral build up but doesn’t ‘soften’ water the way a salt softener works.

Surge Protector Adapter
Gary Schmeisser (Nova Scotia, Canada)
Great Service

Excellent product and great customer service

It Just Works

As above, I installed the HydroFLOW and within days noticed the scale on the taps had vanished. I expect the new hot water tank to be scale-free also for its life.

I don’t understand how you can call this a water softener?

HydroFLOW Response: Softening / Conditioning are used interchangeably in solving water issues as they are different ways to reduce and eliminate Calcium and Magnesium mineral issues (Hardness Causing Agents) also known as limescale issues...our conditioners provide results that are equivalent to naturally soft water by keeping the minerals inert and in suspension (same behavior as naturally soft water which has a low enough level of Calcium and Magnesium that it does not precipitate out of water to cause issues) which is defined as less than 50 parts per million of Calcium or Magnesium.

HydroFLOW S38 Water Softener/Conditioner for Small Homes on Well Water

Hydroflow S38

We installed this unit, and prior to installation we descaled our electric kettle. Over a month later, haven't needed to descale again. Appears to be doing exactly what it promises. Satisfied customer.

HydroFLOW HS40 Water Softener/Conditioner for Large Homes

We love it!!

My wife whom is a ocd/perfectionist -( very skeptical type)- does indeed see a difference and is really happy with the water situ here .
No more calcium/hard water stains on our clear glassed tea kettle- she also claims that her eczema / dry skin conditions have all cleared up on her arms .
Laundry seems to smell better especially with those soap sheets that was in our order -
Once again, all in all — a happy wife and and a happy life for me !
Thanx again
Paul Ragany -

It took almost 6 decades for me to realize that soft water works better for cleaning!

From grade 4 onwards, I have been doing dishes - only using a dishwasher when I did some fun stints at a restaurant. Until I was 18, perhaps even longer, I used the original Lola Brushes which my mother imported from either Germany, or Holland, depending on the shipment. Kind of ironic, since she also imported the original formulation of biobob sponges (then called SOAKER) from Europe as well, but then she bought the formulation from the inventor in 1963 and bought this building then as well. All this time, because our well did not stink and because we never liked the idea of adding any kind of salt to our water - I have managed to wash dishes, completely clean by developing the old "time and motion" study methods. For the last week or so - it took me a bit to properly install the unit - not only has it become much easier to do dishes, everything is easier. May the inventor of this product rest in a well deserved peace and with the assurance that his biodiversity positive product(s) have found an ally!

Résultats rapides après seulement trois semaines

C'est assez récents comme installation ,ais déjà je peux remarquer que tous mes détergents, savons, moussent beaucoup plus. Trop tôt cependant pour évaluer les dépôts calcaires, mais j'ai l'impression que l'eau est moins dure. Satisfaite de mon achat.

Je suis satisfait du produit

Après 2 semaines le calcaire a été éliminer de mon system d’eau

Excellent unit

It works as described

HydroFlow s38 Water Softener/Conditioner

HI folks
This devise appears so far to be working very well.
Thank yoouyou


This product works as advertised. Need to let it do it’s thing for at least 3 to 4 weeks and you will see a difference. Highly recommended


Excellent performance within minutes of installation.


Notice difference in soap suds almost immedialtely


Notice difference in soap suds almost immedialtely