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We love it!!

My wife whom is a ocd/perfectionist -( very skeptical type)- does indeed see a difference and is really happy with the water situ here .
No more calcium/hard water stains on our clear glassed tea kettle- she also claims that her eczema / dry skin conditions have all cleared up on her arms .
Laundry seems to smell better especially with those soap sheets that was in our order -
Once again, all in all — a happy wife and and a happy life for me !
Thanx again
Paul Ragany -

It took almost 6 decades for me to realize that soft water works better for cleaning!

From grade 4 onwards, I have been doing dishes - only using a dishwasher when I did some fun stints at a restaurant. Until I was 18, perhaps even longer, I used the original Lola Brushes which my mother imported from either Germany, or Holland, depending on the shipment. Kind of ironic, since she also imported the original formulation of biobob sponges (then called SOAKER) from Europe as well, but then she bought the formulation from the inventor in 1963 and bought this building then as well. All this time, because our well did not stink and because we never liked the idea of adding any kind of salt to our water - I have managed to wash dishes, completely clean by developing the old "time and motion" study methods. For the last week or so - it took me a bit to properly install the unit - not only has it become much easier to do dishes, everything is easier. May the inventor of this product rest in a well deserved peace and with the assurance that his biodiversity positive product(s) have found an ally!

Résultats rapides après seulement trois semaines

C'est assez récents comme installation ,ais déjà je peux remarquer que tous mes détergents, savons, moussent beaucoup plus. Trop tôt cependant pour évaluer les dépôts calcaires, mais j'ai l'impression que l'eau est moins dure. Satisfaite de mon achat.

Je suis satisfait du produit

Après 2 semaines le calcaire a été éliminer de mon system d’eau

HydroFlow s38 Water Softener/Conditioner

HI folks
This devise appears so far to be working very well.
Thank yoouyou


This product works as advertised. Need to let it do it’s thing for at least 3 to 4 weeks and you will see a difference. Highly recommended


Excellent performance within minutes of installation.


Notice difference in soap suds almost immedialtely

hs40 water softener/conditioner

We are very pleased with our hs40 unit. Living in a rural area, on a well and septic system, we were loathe to install a traditional salt water softener. We didn't want to harm our septic system or the surrounding trees on our property and were really excited to find this solution to our hardwater issues. Our taps and pipes had lots of limescale buildup due to the hard water. The hs40 has been fantastic at preventing scale formation and an added bonus is we have noticed the water is even a bit softer when we take a bath or shower and our hair feels lighter. Thanks to Devass for all of his help with our questions and concerns. Highly recommended!

Water softener for wells

After 6 weeks or so I noticed that when I boil water the water doesn’t have that white build up on my pots. The stains in my sinks and toilet from hard water takes longer to appear and after cleaning the tiny screens on my tapes they don’t get that buildup on them as frequent. So far I am pleased with my purchase.


I was being particular to what water conditioner system I wanted since I did Not want a softener. The Hydroflow offered an alternative I hadn't completely considered. After installation I noticed an immediate change in our water. It has improved the taste of my water by electronically removing the chlorine and breaks up the calcium. I use the carbon filter on my fridge and the water in our coffee and kettle taste better than without. I see less and less calcium floating telling me there is still some residue in my plumbing. I find my soap use has dropped as well, my dishwasher is shiny and with cleanup cleaning has improved, things don't stick in out SS sink like they use to. We feel healthier from drinking it and the ice cubes are becoming clearer, again maybe residual residue. I have recommended this unit to several people and suggest you buy one.


At the start I was skeptical. However after 6 weeks no ring in the toilet and no calcium deposit on the spout of the faucet


Bluish stains on silverware in dishwasher completely eliminated. Also no hard sediment on humidifier wick. Very happy with unit.


I am a skeptic when it comes to these types of products, but I am happy to say that this product delivers what it promises. We live in a condo with hard water and they definately made a difference to water quality. You would actually think we had a water softner installed.

S38 hydroflow

I installed the water softener as requested and it seemed to be working well . After about 3 weeks we were noticing calcium deposits on the sink and dishes after coming out of the dish washer so we added some more finisher to the cycle and cleaned the dishwasher we are still using the s38 and are noticing the deposits clearing up . I am happy not to be using salt any longer . I will give a complete review after 3 months


The S38 has been installed now for 2 weeks And I am very happy with it no more spots on dishes and in the shower this product is well worth the money anyone that has hard water needs to have one


I had purchased an HS30 and it wasn’t the right size to service my home so I returned it for a full refund and installed the HS40. Works much better and the best most helpful customer service I have ever experienced

HydroFlow S38 Water Softener/Conditioner for Rural Homes/Cottages/ on Well Water

We have had the S38 installed for 1 month now, and we already see a significant change in our water. The build up of new scale in our kettles, and other items holding water, is nearly non existent.


The induction softener has only been with us for a month .
It certainly has more than replaced our salt demanding unit of 30 years.
It works better than any salt based unit..and I have installed a few of those..
Great product folks! .
Keep up the good work..
I will also update these comments in 2 months!!


Noticed a difference in the first couple of days

Hydroflow HS38 water softener/conditioner

Very friendly and helpful company. Product was easy to install.

Works great!

We installed the Hyroflow over a month ago, It was very simple to install. The instructions were clear and we knew exactly where the best placement would be. I have noticed a big change in my hair and skin since installing the unit. I have suffered with static hair and very dry skin for years and now my hair is softer, little to no static and my skin is not dry like before. I love the fact that there is no maintenance for the unit and no salt to buy. We had a salt treatment unit when we bought the house and we were able to remove it and just use the Hydroflow. The old salt unit took up a whole closet that we are now able to use for storage. We had a question prior to install and when we reached out to the company we received a clear response in a matter of a few hours. Great company to deal with. Shipping was fast and everything was exactly how it was advertised to be.


Works just like they said it would and easy to install