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HydroFLOW S38 Water Softener/Conditioner for Small Homes on Well Water

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J & M
Hydroflow S38

We installed this unit, and prior to installation we descaled our electric kettle. Over a month later, haven't needed to descale again. Appears to be doing exactly what it promises. Satisfied customer.

Robert Gavin

I must say for anyone wanting to make a difference in your hard water we have been using this Hydroflow S38 for the house and it’s working no bull

Christopher Schmidt (British Columbia, Canada)
Unit for 3000 sq foot house

Seems to be working as it should. We notice that we no longer have a white residue film on pots or on furniture from our portable humidifier. So we are happy thus far. Haven’t any other markers to say much more about it.

Garth Bennett (Alberta, Canada)
Replacement for Softener?

I bought this in hopes of not having to get a water softener, due to the use of salt. Our water is too hard for the salt-less softeners. I use glasses from the dish washer as my desired comparative result, hoping for sparkling clear glasses in the end. We use Finish Rinse in the dish washer.
Our well water is quite hard (326 mg/L) and left lots of white speckles on the glasses.
Gradual improvement of the water. After about 45 days there are far less speckles than previously, I'd say we have about 80% less speckles so far. I am waiting a while longer to see if it gets better. The shower heads no longer appear to have deposits building up on them.

Jeff (Ontario, Canada)
So far so good

Installed the unit at my cottage about 30 days ago and seems to have made an improvement already on our very hard well water. I’m hopeful that it continues to get better after about 90 days.
Very easy and quick to install.

Well | Lake | Cistern Water - for Small Homes (< 3000 sq ft incl basement area).

The HydroFLOW s38 is the solution for hard limescale deposits in your rural home or cottage on well or lake water and in commercial applications. More powerful than the domestic small home version, the Hydroflow s38 is designed to tackle the hardest water locations and protect commercial heating systems, as well as appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines, and to make limescale-stained taps, sinks and surfaces easier to clean.

Unlike a water softener, the Hydroflow s38 does not chemically alter the water or remove minerals. Instead, it applies an electric field so that scale forms in suspension in the water, rather than as a hard encrustation on heating elements and pipe surfaces.

The HydroFLOW s38 fits easily around existing pipework on the cold feed to where the water is heated, for example on the inlet to a hot water cylinder or the inlet to a water heater.

  • Unlike water softeners, this product does not change the chemistry of water.
  • Reduces energy consumption with an average one year payback period.
  • Does not interfere with other electrical systems.
  • Eco-friendly: Products do not introduce chemicals into your drinking water and the environment.
  • Made in UK. This revolutionary technology was awarded the 2017 Innovative Technology Award from the 2017 Water Environment Federation (WEF).
  • Product is also a recipient of the 2015 Kitchen Innovations award by the National Restaurant Association.


  • Signal monitor light
  • PSU: Input 110-120V AC
  • Unit: Input 12V AC/DC
  • Max power: 1.2 W
  • Weight approx: 175grams
  • Dimensions: H 110 x W 67 x D30mm
  • Maximum pipe diameter 38mm OD
  • Lead length 3m


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OUR THREE-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY Three-Year Limited Warranty: HydroFLOW Canada Inc, (“HydroFLOW”) offers its customers (“you”) a three-year limited warranty against failure or defects in materials or workmanship in any HydroFLOW product (the “Product”) or its component parts, subject to the terms and conditions set forth below. If the Product or any of its parts fails during the first three years of operation, HydroFLOW or its representative will repair or replace the Product, free of charge. For this warranty to apply, you will need to provide proof that the Product has been installed properly and before-and-after proof that such Product is not operating as warranted. What Is Not Covered: This warranty does not cover damage to the Product caused by improper installation, a surge or disruption in power (however caused), a water leak resulting from limescale removal, misuse, abuse, or force majeure (i.e., a flood or earthquake, etc.). Please be aware that water leaks from plumbing systems may result as a consequence of limescale removal. You are therefore advised and have a duty to periodically inspect your plumbing systems to ensure that compression joints remain water-tight. How To Make A Claim & Get Service: A claim under this warranty must be submitted by email to HydroFLOW or the authorized dealer or vendor from which you purchased the Product, and such email must include: (i) a copy of the original receipt or proof of purchase of the Product, (ii) proof that the Product has been installed properly, (iii) a written explanation of the issue(s) with the Product, and (iv) one or more pictures of the Product and surrounding area that displays such issue(s). A HydroFLOW representative will then review your claim and contact you within 10 business days to coordinate the repair or replacement of the Product or to request additional information. Limitations: Warranty claims are strictly limited to the value of the original purchase price or the repair or replacement cost. HydroFLOW shall not be responsible for water leaks or damage caused by the removal of limescale. This warranty is not valid unless the Product is properly used with an appropriate surge protection device of adequate quality to protect the Product and its electronic components. HydroFLOW will not be responsible for any consequential, incidental, indirect, special, punitive or other loss or damage that may result from a product defect. HydroFLOW reserves the right to determine the validity of any claim and remedy in its sole discretion.

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