Revolutionizing Wastewater Treatment: A Case Study from Ontario’s Food Manufacturing Industry

Revolutionizing Wastewater Treatment: A Case Study from Ontario’s Food Manufacturing Industry


One of Canada’s largest food manufacturers, located in Ontario, was looking to drastically reduce the environmental impact of its wastewater treatment process.

In conjunction with the BioEnterprise FoodShift program, they chose HydroFLOW to help them achieve their goal of substantially reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and increasing sustainability.

The Challenge

The ready-to-eat food plant faced significant challenges in managing the environmental impacts of its wastewater treatment system, specifically its Dissolved Air Filtration (DAF) system. The primary objective was to cut down the use of Ferric Chloride, a chemical used to enhance DAF efficiency, thereby reducing both costs and environmental harm.

The Solution

The company collaborated with HydroFLOW and the FoodShift program—an initiative supported by FedDev Ontario. This program promotes the adoption of clean technologies, reduction of food waste, and optimization of food production processes. HydroFLOW’s equipment was selected to meet the environmental goals without compromising the system’s efficiency.

Staged Reduction Approach

  • Initial Ferric Chloride Use: 200 ppm.
  • Method: Ferric Chloride levels were decreased in 10% increments over five stages.
  • Outcome: Achieved a 50% reduction in Ferric Chloride usage with no loss in performance.

Results and Benefits

  • Chemical Reduction: 50% decrease in Ferric Chloride use.
  • Financial Savings: Significant cost savings due to reduced chemical purchases.
  • Environmental Impact: Over 8000 kg of CO2 equivalent emissions were saved annually.


This case study not only highlights the environmental and financial benefits of adopting clean technology in wastewater treatment but also showcases the potential for significant industry-wide impacts. As companies like this Ontario-based food manufacturer lead by example, the pathway for other businesses to follow in their footsteps becomes clearer, promising a more sustainable future for the food manufacturing industry.

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