General FAQs

How does it work?

What is the expected Life of HydroFlow System?

Does your system work on Plastic Pipes?

Difference between Electro-Magnetic and HydroFLOW Technology?

Is Hard Water dangerous to drink?

How do I know my unit is working?

Should I disconnect my current salt or chemical water softener?

How do I see results?

How do I know if I live in a hard water area? Will I ever get limescale in a soft water area?

Does HydroFLOW Technologies descale, as well as prevent scale?

Are all HydroFLOW water conditioners fully covered by warranty?

Does Hydropath technology change the chemical composition of water?

Does the Hydropath signal have an effect on sensitive electrical equipment?

Is an electric power supply required?

Where does the dissolved scale go?

Does Hydropath Technology work on plastic and metal pipes alike?

How much money does it cost to run a residential unit?

Do the HydroFLOW units require any special treatment or maintenance?

What is the maximum water hardness the units can handle?

After installing the unit, is the water just as drinkable as before?

Is limescale bad for one’s health?

Do I have hard water?

What is the difference between HS38 and S38?

What is limescale?

Why does limescale occur?

Why is limescale a problem?

How exactly will the HS38 protect my home from limescale?

How does the HS38 eliminate the limescale from the water?

What if my home has pipes larger than 38mm in outer diameter? Is the HS38 big enough?

I also have an issue with iron in the water; for this I was going to use reverse osmosis

Commercial FAQs

Does flow rate matter?

Does it treat standing water?

Canada Hardness Map