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Residential Hard Water Conditioning System

Never buy salt again!

When you install the compact HydroFLOW Water Conditioning System in your home, you will enjoy a consistent hard water solution that will deliver a visual, economic and energy efficiency benefit! You will also be making a substantial contribution to a healthier environment by keeping salt and chemicals out of our ground waters and sewer systems.

HydroFLOW systems install in about the time it takes to change a water filter and cost about the same in energy as a lighbulb to run. No plumbing is required.

You may already be questioning the practicality and cost of a system that demands ongoing monitoring, maintenance, significant space in your home, the lugging of heavy bags and the never ending cost of salt/chemicals. In addition to these practical issues, consider the environmental impact and the cost of energy and you have to ask yourself, isn’t there a better way?

The Perfect Match!

Did you know?

Using TruEarth Laundry Strips for your laundry instead of regular plastic bottled detergents divert 12 large plastic jugs per year, per household from landfills!

Did you know?

That using a HydroFLOW system to solve hard water issues instead of traditional salt systems can divert 600 lbs of Salt annually, per household, from ending up in our sewers or ground waters.

That's what makes these two great products a Perfect Match

Buy any residential HydroFLOW Water Conditioner and Receive a FREE 32 Load Package of TruEarth Laundry strips compliments of HydroFLOW Canada!

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