Alberta Oil Refinery Achieves 95% Reduction in Chemical Usage with New Scale Prevention Technology

Alberta Oil Refinery Achieves 95% Reduction in Chemical Usage with New Scale Prevention Technology


In the oil refining industry, operational efficiency often comes with environmental challenges, particularly in terms of chemical usage in processes like maintaining heat exchangers. However, one of Alberta's largest oil refineries has set a benchmark for sustainability by drastically reducing its chemical footprint. This article explores how the refinery achieved a significant reduction in chemical usage while maintaining operational efficiency using the innovative HydroFLOW technology.

Challenges Faced by the Refinery

Heat exchangers, crucial for the oil refining process, typically require extensive chemical treatments to prevent scaling and maintain efficiency. These treatments not only contribute to high operational costs but also have a considerable environmental impact due to the heavy use of chemicals. The Alberta refinery aimed to address these issues without compromising the vital heat transfer levels necessary for their operations.

Implementation of HydroFLOW Technology

HydroFLOW presented an opportunity to meet these challenges head-on. HydroFLOW devices work by transmitting radio frequencies through water, to prevent the formation of scale without the need for chemicals. The refinery embarked on a strategic implementation, starting with a baseline anti-scalant chemical usage of 5 parts per million (ppm).

Results Achieved

The introduction of HydroFLOW led to remarkable outcomes:

  • Chemical Reduction: The use of anti-scalant chemicals was progressively reduced, confirming effectiveness at each stage. Ultimately, the refinery reduced its chemical usage to just 0.25 ppm—a 95% decrease.
  • Cost Savings: This reduction translates into significant cost savings, amounting to $400,000 annually per site.
  • Environmental Impact: Alongside financial savings, the reduction in chemical use led to a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions by over 149,000 kg/GHG-eq per year.

Long-Term Impact and Customer Satisfaction

The environmental benefits extend beyond immediate chemical and cost reductions. Over a 10-year lifespan of the equipment, this will result in a total reduction of approximately 1.5 million kg of GHG emissions. The refinery's management reported an ROI of less than six months on the first installation, prompting the purchase of a second HydroFLOW system scheduled for early 2024. The customer's satisfaction underscores the dual benefits of operational efficiency and environmental stewardship.


The success story of this Alberta oil refinery serves as a powerful example for the industry, demonstrating that it is possible to achieve substantial environmental and financial benefits through innovative technology. As the industry continues to face pressure to reduce environmental impacts, technologies like HydroFLOW offer a viable path forward. This initiative not only underscores the refinery's commitment to sustainable practices but also sets the standard for a new, sustainable future in the Oil & Gas industry.

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